Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spinach pancakes

Today, I made spinach pancakes for dinner and invited the previously mentioned little sister to eat them with me, because this is one of her favourite dishes. And I know, spinach pancakes may sound weird to someone who has never heard of them, but they really are delicious. I must admit, I do hope that all of you have heard of them.

Before last year, I had only bought spinach pancakes from the store, but I always wanted to make them myself at least once to compare, so the first time I made them myself I didn’t have a proper pancake pan to make these the small size I was used to eating. But I was too determined to let that stop me, so just have a guess at what I used to achieve my goal. Did you guess already?

A cookie cutter. A metal one of course, so that my mothers one good frying pan wouldn’t be ruined.

Some of you with a good eye may recognize the shape as the very famous Aalto vase and you are absolutely right on that. Mom has only one metal cookie cutter and it just happened to be in the shape of the vase. But the shape did not effect the taste one bit and so I haven’t bought a box of spinach pancakes since then.

But now that I live in my own apartment I had to make a choice: give up the homemade stuff or purchase a proper pan. Needless to say, the decision wasn’t too difficult and so I brought home this little buddy and it has paid itself back more than twice during these few months.

Here is also today’s finished product and of course, the recipe.

Spinach pancakes:

5 dl                of milk
2,5 dl             of flour
2                    eggs
75 g               of spinach

Whisk together all the ingredients and fry.

I used my trusted pancake recipe and just added spinach to the mix. The batter is runny and it’s supposed to be. It’s also easy to make more or less, as it’s always twice the milk to flour and as many eggs as there are full decilitres of flour. And the spinach, you can put in as much or as little as you like. Be the boss of your pancakes.

Traditionally spinach pancakes are served with a potato side dish and some lingonberry jam and with this one I’m not one to break traditions. My choice for the potato dish was garlic infused strips. I use the word infused, because I personally don’t like biting down on a piece of garlic no matter the size of the piece. So before pouring the cream in with the potatoes, I put it in a sauce pan with a couple cloves of garlic and heat it up so that the garlic infuses the cream and then just pass it through a sieve and discard the garlic.

I hope that if you are even remotely intrigued by the idea of trying this recipe just go ahead and don’t forget to tell me how it went in a comment.

And to leave you with a final taste of what may be coming, my sister is 15 years old and her confirmation is coming in a matter of days and we’ve been talking about the party and what she would like to have served to her guests..


  1. Letut eri muunnoksin ovat aina hyviä. Pinaattiohukaiset ovat suosikkejani :D

  2. Kiva kun olet laittanut blogin pystyyn! Kesäkuun sly-paketti saapuu ensi viikolla minä päivänä tahansa... ;)