Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mini quiches

Earlier this month I received a package from my SBF (secret baker friend) and inside was a recipe for a savoury pie crust. I was really excited about this because I have never actually made a crust myself. Today’s flavours: ham and mozzarella.

I used half of the given recipe and got eleven quiches.
For the crust you need:

150 g of margarine (or butter if you prefer)
3 dl of flour
some lukewarm water
(a pinch of salt)

Rub together the margarine and the flour (and salt) until you get a breadcrumb like consistency. Pour in just enough water so that you can form a solid ball of dough like so.

I have salt listed as an optional ingredient, as I myself don’t like adding salt unless it is absolutely necessary. The reason for that being that I believe that my current diet has enough salt as is. 
Now, I wanted to try if my new silicone muffin liners would make the idea of quiche a bit more interesting. Naturally I thought that I could just simply roll out the dough and place it in the liners and just adjust if needed. The rolling part was a piece of cake, the lifting not so much. The dough started breaking apart and turned into a total mess. So I ended up rolling out the dough a bit and just pushing it to the liners in small pieces.


Wondering about the glass coated with flour? I don't own a rolling pin yet, so I used the glass as a substitute. Worked nicely.
After getting the liners ready I filled them with ham, shredded mozzarella and a mixture of about 2-3 dl of milk and two eggs. Helpful hint: do NOT fill your cups and then move them to the baking sheet. Found that out the hard way. 

After successfully getting the quiches in the oven, I baked them in 200°C until the middles were set. And here they are.

 I was nervous about removing the liners, but as seen here all went smoothly.

These were really tasty now I'm trying to think up more flavours. Suggestions?


  1. Hauskasti olet ohjetta lähtenyt soveltamaan! :)

  2. Kätevä tehä tuollaisia pieniä piirakoita