Monday, 18 June 2012

Package from 'mum'

Today when the mail came, the sound of letters dropping on the floor was ominous. A heavy thump. Fearing of the pile of bills that must have made the sound, I made my way to the door. What was it? What could have possibly made the thump?

A lovely surprise from the currently ongoing SBF circles mum.


- a mouse pad

- a pen (not seen here)

- a bar of hazelnut chocolate, pretty tasty I must say (of course I opened it straight away wouldn't you have)

- two sachets of Hundreds and Thousands. Now only one of them seen here, because the not so loving hands of the postmen had gotten the other one to burst open from one of the corners. Thankfully most of the content had remained in the sachet and only some had leaked out

- a thank you note for being a part of this circle

Thank you to 'mum' nami-hiiri and SAGA-tuote for this lovely surprise!

Kiitokset emolle ja SAGA-tuotteelle mukavasta ylläristä!


  1. Hauskaa, että yllätyit positiivisesti. :)

    Itse olen onnistuneesti kaatanut nonparellipurkin joskus koirakaverin keittiössä. Olihan se kaunista katseltavaa :D, kun ne pöyrivät ja pomppivat.

    Bestr egards your SLY Mom

  2. Mikä tahansa voittaa laskupinon mutta tälläinen mukava paketti on kyllä tosi mahtava ylläri.

  3. Voi kun kuva porkkana paketti