Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Party time!

Last Sunday was the day of my sister’s confirmation. After that we naturally had a big party with our family to celebrate the occasion. And a party means that there is a lot of baking to do. What was my contribution to all this? The cake. And after much deliberation, here is the final result.

And yes, I hate papers doilies so much I cannot even begin tell you, but mum made me put them in even though I told her they would be ruined.

I started with these three sheets of regular sponge cake, 5 eggs in every sheet. 

The cake was filled and decorated with the same blueberry quark and white chocolate used in the Mother’s Day cake I wrote about last month. I used exactly the same ingredients and proportions, but somehow the quark became super runny and almost ruined everything. Here is the cake before the decorations with only a brushing of a mixture of mashed blueberries and water. Here you can also see how I had cut the sheets into shape.

Funny thing happened during the party. I made the cake the evening before and the blueberry-water mixture sort of absorbed itself in to the thin layer of cream under the chocolate during the night and one of my aunts thought that the cake had begun to go moldy. So naturally everyone lost it and started questioning me about the cake and my mother had to literally shout out loud that the cake was made the evening before so it had to have been the blueberry.

But what kind of a party would it be if there was only one cake served to the quests? Not much of a party I can tell you that, so here are the things my mum had to offer.

A sandwich cake and three ‘freeze’cakes, one with blueberry and cream, one with cream cheese and orange flavoured chocolate and one with strawberries and cream.

There were also two quests with an egg allergy so they needed something too. The mission of coming up with something was given to me. I made them some mini-chocolate cakes using an eggless Swiss roll base, some chocolate mousse and some peach to garnish.

The party went smoothly and there weren’t even too many leftovers, so overall I would say that we had a successful event.

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  1. Hienon kakun olet siskollesi tehnyt. Ja varsin huvittava tuo tarina tädistäsi :)