Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Back To Basics: Making Bread

Today we shall discuss a skill that is - to me at least - one of the vital basic skills: making bread. I like making bread even though it takes about two hours with my method. If done correctly homemade bread kicks store bought bread's behind. Here's how I do it.

Basic bread dough:

1 l                         warm water (37-38 degrees celcius)
50 g                      fresh yeast
3-5 dl                    oats
1/2 dl                    oil
1,5-2 kg                regular flour (the amount of flour is different everytime I don't know why)

Start by dissolving the yeast in to the water. Add in the oats. At this point you could add a flavour for example 3 dl of cheese or carrot, a few cloves of crushed garlic or any kind of seeds you like. What ever floats your boat. Start adding the flour a little bit a time. The mixture starts to look like something like the contents of the bowl below.

From that you need to keep adding the flour until the dough starts to look like in the next picture. It's still very sticky and barely holds together. At this point add the oil and start using your hands to knead the dough. I usually transfer the dough on to a well floured table because it's easier for me to get the power needed to knead the dough. Keep addind flour and kneading. Don't add too much flour though it will cause the finished product to be tough. The dough should stay soft but not too sticky and proper kneading helps.

After a good five to ten minutes of kneading we get to here. The dough is back in it's bowl. It's soft but doesn't stick to the bowl. Lightly flour the surface and put to a warm place unde a tea towel to rise for one hour. I run some hot water in to my kitchen sink and put the bowl in so it gets the warmth it needs.

After one hour the dough should've at least doubled in volume. Pour it on to a floured surface and knead for just a minute. After that you are ready to form your bread. I made rolls this time. I let the formed dough rise for five to ten minutes before going in the oven.

Heat your oven to just a hair under 200 degrees celcius and bake for about 12 minutes or until they sound hollow when you tap on the bottom.

Here they are fresh out of the oven.

Fluffy and warm and they freeze incredibly well. I live on a low budget so I have to freeze everything. These taste pretty much the same after defrosting.

And wouldn't it be nice if I didn't show you the presentation at the end of every post. Probably would but that's just not me. So there you have it. A delicious sandwich.


  1. Tuoreet leivät/sämpylät on ihania ja niitä vois syödä vaik kuinka jos maha vetäis ;)

  2. Hyvän iltapalan metsästysretkellä :D !

  3. Ai että kun jaksaisikin tehdä sämpylöitä! Niin hyvää..
    Itse tehty on aina parasta ja maku säilyy kun pakastaa mahd. pian :)

    -SLY:si (24)