Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lemon Creme Filled Cupcakes

Everytime my family comes over to visit me, I always try a new recipe and get them to give their opinion. I do this partly because it's physically impossible for me to eat as many treats as I have recipes to try. Also, my mum's husband has a saying: there's not enough cake in the world that would make him stop eating some more. So naturally I think to myself challenge accepted. 

This time I decided to try a recipe I spotted from the SBF recipes in our blog over at (FIN). The recipe was sent to Laura (FIN) by her secret baker friend. Here are lemon creme filled cupcakes.

Lemon creme: 

7                         egg yolks
2 dl                      sugar
¾ dl                     lemon juice
1 tbsp                  lemon zest
250 g                   butter, cubed
1 tbsp                  vanilla sugar

1. Beat the sugar and the yolks over a bain-marie until pale and fluffy.
2. Add in the lemon juice and the zest beating continuously.
3. Continue heating and beating until the mixture is thick.
4. Allow to cool completely.
5. Beat in the butter a little at a time and after that the vanilla sugar.
6. Beat until steady.

This makes A LOT of lemon creme so I suggest you use half the recipe for one batch of cupcakes.

Lemon cupcakes:

2                        eggs
1,5 dl                  sugar
2,5 dl                  flour
2 tsp                   bakingpowder
1 tsp                   vanilla sugar
100 g/1 dl           melted butter
1 dl                     milk
½ tsp                  lemon juice
2 tbsp                 lemon zest

1. Beat the eggs and the sugar until pale and fluffy.
2. Mix together well the dry ingredients and sieve in to the egg mixture folding carefully.
3. Add in the lemon zest, lemon juice, butter and milk.
4. Mix until smooth and divide evenly in to liners. Mine didn't rise too much so you can probably fill your liners almost all the way.
5. Bake at 200°C for 12-15 minutes. Test with a toothpick or a dry piece of spaghetti if done.

After you have all the components ready make sure that everything is nice and cooled down and then you can pipe the filling in to the cupcakes, using a piping bag with a sharp tip. As the creme has time to set the flavour settles. I decided to top this batch with some vanilla cream. Take some whipping cream and add in some vanilla sugar (or extract if you're lucky enough to have some). Whip until just about stiff peaks and either spoon or pipe on the cupcakes.

And there you have the finished product. I made some tiny lemons for decorative purposes from the yellow marzipan my secret baker friend sent me. Here's my method of making lemons.

The evolution of lemon?
Take a piece of marzipan, roll it in to a ball, then flatten the ball slightly. Taper the ends one more than the other.

I made too many but this can be considered as practise, right? I also made a little dint to the less tapered end of the lemon.


  1. Näytttääpä herkullisilta ja ihanat koristeet olet tehnyt :)

  2. Voi miten ihania! Eikös se niin ole, että harjoitus tekee mestarin? Itse tarvisin kyllä kunnon harjoittelua marsipaanin kanssa... Pitäisi varmaan joskus oikein syventyä aiheeseen ja kokeilla marsipaanitaitelijan uraa, hih! :D

  3. Kivoja pikku sitruunoita. =) Kiitos sly20 kierroksesta mahtavalle parille, ei malttaisi odottaa aamua ja leipomapuuhia (kun pitäisi käydä ensin kaupassakin...) =)