Saturday, 22 September 2012

SBF20: September

I received another package from my secret baker friend! The theme was the colours of autumn: red, orange and yellow. Let's see what I got.

Some Digestive cookies, yellow marzipan, red food colouring and yellow food colouring. And just guess who bought a bottle of red two hours before getting this package from the

A card with an orange flower, dark baking chocolate, white baking chocolate and a sachet gelatine leaves.

More scented candles. This time the scents are: chocolate cherry, cinnamon and orange. I actually started to smell orange in the car on the way home from the post office and I just knew that there would be another scented candle. The orange scent is probably my favourite out of these but just by a hair, because these are all good, overall in the fruit and berry scent category I tend to go for oranges and raspberries.

Thanks for another wonderful package can't wait for next month so I get to see who you are!

Kiitoksia sinulle ihana salaiseni, taas on kristallipallosi osannut kertoa sinulle juuri oikeanlaisen sisällön tähänkin pakettiin! Taas jään innolla odottamaan ensi kuun pakettia ja suurta paljastusta.


  1. Ihanan syksyisen värisen paketin olet saanut :)

  2. Wow! Those scented candles are so topic at the moment...just rain and evenings, which are getting dark earlier and earlier...I can almost sense the smell of diffrent colours. Especially cinnemon is one of my favourite! I like food colouring bottles as well.I'm happy You got so nice packet too. I'm lucky to have so good secret beking friend...

  3. Hienoa, että paketti oli mieleinen! :) Ensi kuuhun taas! :) t.slysi

  4. Tännekin on saapunut niin ihanan syksyinen paketti!!!

  5. Kaunis paketti! Toki selvästi monipuolinenkin mutta eka ajatus, mikä tuli oli kaunis :)Varsinkin nuo kynttilät ovat aivan vau!