Sunday, 28 October 2012

SBF20 October

The final package is here! Let's get to it.

Below you can see that I got some pancake mix, cookie mix, which is actually one that I've wanted to try for a while now so yay and some delicious cocoa powder.

Some cute stripey napkins, vanilla scented candles and a card that has a picture of a cup of hot chocolate on it.

A rubber spatula, I actually needed one of these, a jar of hundreds and thousands and something totally awesome. It's a stick that has chocolate in the end so it looks like a chocolate spoon and you put it in a mug and pour over some hot milk and stir it until the chocolate has melted and there you have hot chocolate! I saw these at work the a while back and but haven't yet purchased one.

And who was my secret baker friend this time? Iida from the blog Sitruunaa ja suklaata (FIN). Thank you to Iida!

Kiitokset ihanista paketeista sinulle Iida teit tästä kierroksesta minulle oikein mukavan! Tunnuit joka kerta lähettävän jotain hyödyllistä mitä olen tarvinnut.


  1. Ihanan paketin olet kyllä saanut =)

  2. Hienoa, että paketit olivat mieleiset! Mukavaa alkavaa talvea! :)

  3. Blogissani olisi sinulle haaste! :)

  4. Onnekasta uutta alkanutta vuotta 2013 kaikilla herkuilla!