Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mushroom bundles

In this month’s SBF package there was a recipe for mushroom bundles using false morels. Now, I have absolutely no idea where I could’ve found false morels but since I live with someone who likes mushrooms I really wanted to try this recipe in some shape or form and I got my first ever request for a recipe in the comments. So I took a good hard look at the ingredients and thought that they all looked sort of mushroom universal so I just switched the false morels for button mushrooms and gave it a go.

Button mushroom bundles:

The dough:
3 dl               flour
1 dl               instant mashed potatoes (just the powder)
1 dl               ryeflour
1 tsp             baking powder
150 g            butter, room temp (I used baking margarine, as you might have guessed)
2 dl               cold water

The filling:
100g             bacon
1                    red onion
150 g            button mushrooms (or prepared false morels)
100 g            pepper cream cheese
½ dl              chives
1 tsp             dried thyme

1                    egg for an egg wash

(poppy seeds to go on top)

Begin by combining thorougly the dry ingredients in a bowl and rub in the room teperature butter. Continue rubbing until everything is nice and combined.

Here is the coolest little tool for this. Especially when I forgot that the butter was supposed to be at room temperature and added it in cold. You just cut through the mixture with the "blades" until you get to a desired consistency. A food processor is also good when the butter is cold.

So I managed to get myself to this with the cold butter and I was happy so I moved on with the recipe thinking "trial and error, trial and error". At this point you add in the cold water and mix quickly to form a dough ball.

It will be slightly sticky and you will want to add some more flour but since it will become to a ball similar to the one in the picture, it will be just fine. Just mix it quickly together and allow to rest for the time it takes you to make the filling. I put mine in the fridge.

Here are all of the things used in the filling all chopped up nicely. Sidenote: bacon is really hard to chop. Heat your frying pan to a nice medium heat and toss in the chopped bacon. Don't add any extra fat the bacon will render enough for the whole sauce. When the bacon is nicely browned add the onions and the mushrooms and sauté for a bit. Finally add your chives, cream cheese and thyme. Stir until the cream cheese has melted complitely.

Roll the dough on a well floured surface. Use a glass or a circle cookie cutter to cut the dough into circles. Spoon a heap teaspoon of the filling on each circle and lift the edge from three points you fold to the middle to form a triangle. Sounds more complicated than actually is but thank goodness for photography. Brush on a little bit of egg wash for that golden top. After the egg wash you can sprinkle over some poppy seeds.

And there they are fresh out of the oven. My panel of judges commented that these are at their best just slightly on the warm side but delicious cold as well.


  1. Ai,kun herkullisen näköisiä! Voisi kokeilla mutta jos oikaisisi taikinassa ,D

    t. SLY24 emo

    1. Oikaisuna voisi toimia ihan vain tavallinen pakastevoitaikina? :) Täyte on kyllä kokeilemisen arvoista herkkua!

    2. Sitä minä ajattelinkin :)

      t. SLY24 emo

  2. Hienon työn olet tehnyt ja tulos sen mukainen!
    Näin herkkunippuja, kun näkee on miltei pakko paistella itsekin jotain - oikopoluilla tai ilman Ü.

  3. Näyttää niin herkullisilta! Ehkäpä teen itsekkin :)


  4. Viikonlopun retkiherkuksi tuli näitä tehtyä, hieman muunneltuina :)

  5. Toivottavasti onnistuivat, niin retki kuin nyytitkin! :)