Friday, 8 November 2013

SBF25: November

More secret baker friend! Round 25 and this time there is a slight twist. No chocolate. No cocoa. No recipes with chocolate or cocoa. If you know me, you know this is going to be a little tiny bit difficult. But to get back on track, I got my first package today! And apparently I've been blessed with a partner who thinks in abundance. You will agree once you see the contents. Theme this month: little gifts.

So what did I get?

Confectioners sugar, spelt cake flour, organic flour.

I go through confectioners sugar like no other when it's time to come up with any kind of icing so this was a good start. Spelt cake flour is new to me, I'm excited to try it out and talk about spelt a little more if anyone is interested. Organic regular wheat flour I make bread like once a week so flour is a must have.

Marshmallow flavoured fondant, a giant cookie cutter, napkins.

I've never tried this type of fondant, but this means that I have to make a cake to try it! And I don't know why, but the fondant package reminds me of the seventies. The red cookie cutter has two sides to it and it is absolutely massive like the size of my hand. The napkins look really christmasy, I'll probably use them at christmas dinner!

Cake filling, goji berries.

These two battle in their own category when it comes to have I used anything like them before. The filling is candied orange and lemon peel and cherries as seen below. This will be interesting to try.

I've heard of goji berries, they're supposedly super food. I don't know what they taste like but I'll give them a go for fun at least. To me they look like teeny tiny dried chilies.

There was also a jar of vanillin sugar that got left out of the pictures because I forget things and recipes for a modified tiger cake, sugar cookies and blueberry muffins.

And last but not least I would like to take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous card that my partner handmade!

Look at that! The picture doesn't do justice to this at all because the paper is all shiny and the stones are really sparkly. And to top it all of inside was a hand written letter! Loved it!

So now you know what I meant by my partner thinking in abundance. Thank you so so much for this amazing package I cannot wait what you have planned for the next rounds.

Vielä suomeksi: Suurkiitokset parilleni tästä runsaudensarvesta! Kortti oli aivan upea, käsin kirjoitettuja kirjeitä arvostaa tänä päivänä enemmän ja paketin sisältö enemmän kuin uskaltaisi toivoakaan. Mahtavasti pysyit suklaattomuudessa. Innolla odotan seuraavia paketteja!


  1. Ihana paketti =) ja tuo muotti on ihan isoja ja erilainen

    1. Muotti on kyllä oma lemppari tästä paketista!

  2. Käypi kuulemma kuppikakkuihin?

  3. Ihanan teemapaketin olet sinäkin saanut! Siitä on kiva tehdä kaikenlaista!

  4. Goji-marjat kiinnostavat minua. Mitähän loihdit niistä...Kokonaisuutena hieno paketti!

  5. Hieno suklaaton paketti ja upea kortti!

    t. SLY25 emo

  6. Aivan ihana kortti!

    t. minttu

  7. Now that was interesting gift, you did not mention if there was a recipe having all those combined, goji berries, candied oranges and fondant. Will keep Om watching your site for actual bakes. Good luck and wow for huge gift from your secret baking buddy

    1. There wasn't one combining all of them and I don't know how the flavours would work together but I shall come up with bakes from these for sure!

  8. Goji berry superruokaa, lisään niitä joskus mysliin, aika neutraali maku, mutta ei voi vastustaa kun niitä niin kehutaan hyväksi terveydelle. Looking forward your bakes from The gifted ingredients. Nice gift indeed.