Saturday, 14 December 2013

SBF25: December

This months package was delivered to me all the way to my front door! This months theme was "New Years Foods". Let's go!

Soft dates, Tyrkisk peber crush, chopped almonds

I have never eaten dates so can't say much about them, but the Tyrkisk peber crush is something that I will be using loads before christmas to make meringues with. Tyrkisk pebers are hard salmiakki candy and I love them! Chopped almonds are healthy and convenient.

An assortment of cocktail sticks.

I obviously have to throw a party to use up all of these sparkly (SO SPARKLY) cocktail sticks.

Napkins, a pink container, soft silver coloured sugar pearls

The napkins are beautiful, the little container will come in handy because I'm constantly looking for one in my kitchen and the sugar pearls will be used up before christmas.

And I got some extra goodies as well!

Salmiakki is my absolute favourite and I had forgotten about the Dracula pill candies!

Christmasy card with santas sleigh, a match box and an actual christmas present.

The card had a handwritten letter, the matchbox is really pretty and the present is not allowed to be opened before christmas so we will have to wait for that.

On top of all of this I got a whole menu for a New Year's eve party. This was a wonderful package, thank you! Next month we find out who is behind all of this goodness!

Kiitoksia parilleni upeasta paketista ja kattavasta menusta! Ensi kuussa saankin tietää kuka on ollut näiden mahtavien pakettien takana! 


  1. Oletpas saanut ihanan paketin =) nuo tikut on suloisia ja ihana salainen joululahja-paketti.

  2. WoW...I guess You are going to have nice NewYear's party!

  3. Hienoa, että paketti on tullut perille. Kävin jo viime viikolla tarkastamassa asian postin sivuilta. Ensi kuun teema onkin itselleni haastavin, mutta ideoita on jo olemassa.
    Hyvää joulun aikaa Sinulle!

  4. Ihana paketti! Draculan pillerit minunkin herkkua :) Yhteen aikaan niitä ei saanut kotipaikkakunnallani kuin yhdestä kaupasta ja sekin sitten paloi! Onneksi niitä sitten tuli muihinkin :)

    ~ SLY25 emo

  5. You lucky girl, you've got super huge giftbox from your secret friend. Is there really somebody who did not ever tasted dates �� Will be interesting to see what you bake with dates. merry Xmas!

    1. Well helloo you found one :D I think I will surprise you and everyone else when I talk about the things I haven't tried or tasted :)

  6. Hei, joulu ei ole loppu, mutta lahjojen avaamispäivä meni jo, etkö huomannut Ü ?
    Ihanaa ja onnekasta Uutta Vuotta 2014 !