Thursday, 23 January 2014

SBF25: January

The last package has arrived! The theme this month was "Nothing sweet" and I don't know about you but savoury baking has never been my forte so I had to do a LOT of thinking. And as usual my partner seemed to be a master of this because she sent me the obvious answers in her recipes: a goat cheese quiche and Karelian pasties. But what else was in the package? Let's see!

Rye flour for the pasties, blood orange tea and microwave popcorn.

A pepper mill with five different types of peppers, a mixture of dried fruit and nuts and sun dried tomatoes.

And a present! My birhtday is tomorrow so my partner was very kind to send me a very luxurious box of chocolates. There was a christmas present in last months package and here's what was in it.

A key chain! A very pretty one I must say, looks almost like it was hand made.

And my partner was.. *drum roll* ..Maarit! She doesn't have a blog so I can't give you a link. I can only give her the most heartfelt thank you one can imagine!

Parikseni osoittautui blogiton Maarit! Kiitoksia todella paljon, teit tästä kierroksesta aivan mahtavan minulle. Jokainen paketti on ollut selkeästi ajatuksella koottu.


  1. Hieno paketti ja upea koru =) Paljon Onnea syntymäpäivänä!!

  2. Ihana paketti ja ihanat lahjat!

    - SLY25 emo

  3. Myöhästyneet synttärionnittelut minultakin. Tuollaista avainnauhaa minäkin tarvisin! Kaunis.

  4. Looks like a wealthy package. Karelian pasties are in my must learn list for ages, maybe finally this winter I'll try them. Your package is another push and hint towards making Karjalan piirakkoita. Well done Maarit.

    1. You should totally do it! I know I will!