Thursday, 20 March 2014

SBF26: March

I received the next package for this month! Theme for this month was "Foreign treats" and here's what I got.

- French blend coffee, I'm not a coffee person so this will go to benefit someone who is
- Dry yeast, I go trough this like crazy when I'm in bread making mode
- Sugar, always good
- Pepper drops, a version of one of my favourite sweet

And a recipe for croissants! I've been wanting to try and make them for a long time and now I have a recipe for them. Did you know it takes three days to make croissants?
Thank you for a wonderful package!

Suomeksi: Kiitoksia parilleni ihanasta reseptistä ja hyvästä paketista!


  1. Ihanan paketin olet saanut ja pitkään kestää croisantin valmistus saattanut joskus jossain kuulla asiasta

  2. Resepti kuulostaa hyvin aidolta! Pidän peukkua!

  3. Laitahan meille muillekin seikkaperäiset ohjeet tuosta croissant leipomissessiosta...