Sunday, 20 April 2014

SBF26: April

It's the last one! After a rocky month I'm finally up and at'em so let's get to tha package! The theme was "Spring time is in the air".

- dark baking chocolate
- lemon flavoured white baking chocolate
- mini easter eggs (eaten WAY before easter)
- vanilla custard powder

And then there was this beast. My parter apparently thought that she didn't quite deliver last month - I have a different opinion - so she sent me a book with hundreds of chocolate recipes. I LOVE chocolate so this is right up my ally.

And who was this mystery person *drumroll*: Heidi from Vauva-arkea ja avioelämää (FIN)! A fresh blog for me. She has been an amazing secret friend, I hope she knows how much I have appreciated her packages. Thank you! 

I'm taking a break from Secret baking friend for now but I'm sure I'll return when the time is right.

Tämän kivikkoisen kuukauden päätteeksi on hienoa paljastaa parikseni minulle täysin uusi tuttavuus Heidi Vauva-arkea ja avioelämää blogista. Kiitoksia sinulle, pakettisi ovat merkinneet minulle todella paljon!


  1. Ihana paketti ja tosi ihana kirja =)

  2. Kiva kuulla että paketit on olleet mieluisia :)

  3. Ihanan paketin sait,
    minä myös, kiitos :)

  4. täysin samaa mieltä edellisten kanssa!